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Off to war

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Stanton: Gone but not forgotten

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Projects page — can you help in members’ research?

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Visit to Wollaton Dovecote Museum & a tour of Wollaton village

Tuesday 5th August 2014

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Open coffee morning

Between 10am and 2pm

Next meeting: Saturday 2nd August from 10.00am to 2.00pm.

U-Choose Smoothie Bar, Bath Street, Ilkeston

Members of the public and the Society are invited . . .

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Welcome to the Ilkeston and District Local History Society (IDLHS) website. If you are a new visitor, please find time to browse through the pages. The site features information on the history of Ilkeston and district:

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Summer fun

The IDLHS Team

We'll be paying visits to a number of summer events in the region this year, with a knowledgeable and dedicated team ready to answer any of your local history questions, listen to your stories or introduce you to our fascinating books and maps.

Look out for us at:

  • First World War Centenary Event at Erewash Museum
    Saturday 26th July 2014, 11.00am till 3.00pm
  • Summer Sounds at Victoria Park
    Sunday 27th July 2014, 3.00pm till 7.00pm
  • Friends of Park Cemetery: Family History Day
    Saturday 30th August, 1.00pm to 4.00pm

Now on sale . . .

Off to War book signing

A young historian collects his copy of Off to War at the U-Choose Smoothie Bar, signed by the author, Grant Shaw. The new book proved very popular and sales were brisk.

Men from Ilkeston and district served in the mud of the Western Front, but they also fought Bulgarians in Macedonia, the Ottomans in Iraq and Turkey, with the Italians in Slovenia, at sea in the Indian Ocean, in China and at the Battle of Jutland and in the air over France.

Off to War

Some were career soldiers and sailors with years of experience, others were eager new recruits or reluctant conscripts.

Many did not come back; those who did often kept quiet about their experiences.

This book tells a few of their stories with the help of photographs and personal items ‘lest we forget’.

The book has 180 pages, many of which are previously unpublished photographs, and there is also a colour section.

Copies are available from the U-Choose Smoothie Bar, Bath Street and BlinkInks on South Street at £8.50, or by mail order through our Publications page for £12.00 including p&p or drop us an email to reserve a copy or to request overseas mailing prices.

A Good Deed Done

St John Amulance Certificate of 1949

Alan Edwards, Chairman of Ilkeston and District Local
History Society, Jane Hutchinson, Ilkeston SJA Youth Leader,
Craig Duff, Ilkeston SJA Unit Manager

A recently rediscovered certificate celebrating the Ilkeston Corps of St John Amulance’s fifty years of service was brought in to one of IDLHS’s Saturday morning open sessions recently. This was first presented to the Ilkeston Corps in 1949, so we contacted SJA so we could give it back.

“We’re delighted to return this to its rightful owner,” said Chairman Alan Edwards. “This is an important document for St John’s — it’s part of their history.”

The Ilkeston branch was one of the earliest to be set up, following representation to the St John Ambulance by the Duke of Rutland. “Miners were trained to be a quick medical response following accidents,” said Craig. “From these beginnings, the Ilkeston Branch was created in 1898 to cover public and private events, just as it does today.”

The current Unit has about 20 members, doing public duties in and around Ilkeston. The youth side starts at 10-years-old and the adults start at 17½-years-old. They meet at the Arena in Ilkeston on Monday nights at 6.30 for the youth side and adults at 7.45. New members of all ages are always welcomed.

Knitting for victory

Knitting for Victory

Ann Featherstone and Beverley Kilby busy on the home front knitting head warmers while they prepare their next book on how the general population survived the Great War.
(Mme Guillotine is set to join them later.)

Available now . . .

Railway Tales

The new book by Danny Corns and Steve FlindersStanton: Gone but not forgotten — is now on sale, priced at just £10. Two hundred pages of histories, memories and stories with more than 150 b/w and colour photographs.

Stanton book signing
Catherine Atkinson collects her copy
signed by authors Stephen Flinders
and Danny Corns

Two hundred copies were ordered before publication and more than 200 copies were signed and sold by the authors in the four-hour launch at the U-Choose Smoothie Bar.

Stanton: Gone but not forgotten (and many of our other books) can be bought at:

  • U-Choose Smoothie Bar, No.1 Bath Street, Ilkeston. 07983 990140
  • BlinkInks, 48 South Street, Ilkeston. 0115 944 1427
  • Ilkeston Library, The Market Place, Ilkeston. 0115 930 1104
  • Moorleys Print & Publishing, Park Road, Ilkeston. 0115 932 0643
  • Erewash Museum, High Street, Ilkeston. 0115 9071141
  • Old School Tearooms, Stanton by Dale 0115 930 5699
  • Bowleys Butchers, 4 Derby Road, Sandiacre (opposite the Coop). 0115 939 2204
  • Sandiacre Library, Doncaster Avenue, Sandiacre. 0115 939 6805
  • Sandiacre Post Office, 11 Derby Rd, Sandiacre. 0845 722 3344
  • Two For Tea Tea Rooms, 92 Derby Road, Stapleford. 07981 213660
  • Jas Heaps at 81 Main Street, Long Eaton. 0115 973 4922
  • Long Eaton Library, Tamworth Road, Long Eaton. 0115 973 5426

The book is also available by mail order, priced £13.50 including p&p for the UK. Drop us an email to reserve a copy or to request overseas mailing prices.

Have you read . . . ?

Railway Tales

Railway Tales — already on the third printing! Find ordering details for this book and others on the Publications page.

Railway Tales book signing

The authors and a happy customer
at the book signing

See Ilkeston’s railways in action on YouTube.

For other books and maps available from the Society, please see our Publications page.

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