Book Cover: Herald Number 4
Editions:PDF - #1

Ilkeston MPs by Beverley Kilby

From the papers: Ilkeston Advertiser: 28 January, 1910: Monday’s Polling — Wretched Day of Snow and Rain by Esther Collington

Children of 1891 — Report by Beverley Kilby

The Rutland Cricket Ground by Sheila Mason

Obituary: Don Webster

Chilwell National Filling Factory — A Canary Girls follow up by Dave Johnson

The Story of John Scargill (1588 – 1662) — Report by Alan Edwards

Book Cover: Herald Number 3
Editions:PDF - #1

From West Hallam to Canada . . . and a Titanic victim!

The Canary Girls of Chilwell by Gary Henshaw

Ilkeston from the papers: Ilkeston Advertiser: Friday, January 14, 1910: The Sudbury Memorial

Are you local? by Gary Henshaw

Sir Barnes Neville Wallis by Danny Corns

Marks and Spencer by Alan Edwards

R101 by Danny Corns

Train-spotting — A boys’ story by Paul Miller

Book Cover: Herald Number 2
Editions:PDF - #1

West Hallam visit by Gary Henshaw

Stanton Wartime Films by Danny Corns

An Unexpected Visit by the Lord of the Manor by Mike Jobling

The Fastest Barber in Town? Joe Wright of Ilkeston, 1861-1942 by Grant Shaw

The Smith Murder by Malcolm Burrows

Book Cover: Herald Number 1
Editions:PDF - #1

Early newsletters revisited by Danny Corns

The Rutland Ground by Alan Edwards

A day trip to Matlock by Gary Henshaw

Visit to Nottingham University by Beverley Kilby

On our Doorstep by Joyce Rich

Old Ilkeston (East) And Cossall by Mike Jobling

Book Cover: Stanton: Gone but not forgotten - S. Flinders & D. Corns
Editions:Paperback - #1: £ 14.50

— A Derbyshire ironworks and its people. Written by two former employees (both published authors), this extensive history of the site is mainly told by the people who worked there and supplemented by newspaper reports and many photographs. This is history at the sharp end with tales told by the people who were intimately involved in the events described — tales that would not normally appear in more academic papers. Foreword by local lad, actor Robert Lindsay.

Price £14.50