Portrait Gallery 2

Portrait Gallery 2

Most of the persons featured on this page were prominent members of the local community during the late 19th and early 20th centuries as featured in two volumes produced by Edwin Trueman, both entitled Portrait Gallery of its Principal Inhabitants. The first being published in 1887, to commemorate the Jubilee of Queen Victoria, the second in 1911 as a souvenir of the Coronation of King George V.

This page features those who, though born elsewhere, lived and worked in the town.

William Sampson Adlington

He was born at King’s Mill, Mansfield on January 10th 1834, the eldest son of William Adlington. He came to Ilkeston in 1855 and established himself as a miller and corn merchant. He was also a partner in the Manners Colliery Company and served as an Overseer of the Poor and as Churchwarden. He married Margaret Alice in 1861, the daughter of George Hirst of Sheffield.
George Andrew

He was born at Leighton Buzzard on July 15th 1854, the son of George and Elizabeth Andrew.He came to Ilkeston in 1873 and took over the Ironmongery business of Mr Merry. Seven years later he commenced business on Bath Street on his own account. He married Emelette Aquilla, daughter of William and Sarah Doar of Stanton-by-Dale.
Henry Hogarth Beaumont

He was born at Ollerton, Nottinghamshire on May 10th 1841, the second son of George Beaumont. In 1867 he commenced business in Ilkeston as a jeweller and dealer in musical instruments. In 1867 he married Ruth Verana, a well known local leading vocalist and the daughter of John Goddard.
Reverend John Edward Hibbert Binney

He was born at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on December 20th 1862, the son of Reverend Herbert Binney, fourth Bishop of Nova Scotia. In 1892 he was appointed as Vicar of Holy Trinity, Ilkeston. He married in 1888 to Beatrice Elizabeth Lichtenstein, daughter of William Johnstone Almon, a Senator of Canada. She died on December 11th 1911.
Frederick Chambers

He was born at Awsworth on November 7th 1849. He began work age 13 at Awsworth Colliery and at age 16 transferred to Bennerley Colliery where he worked in the General Office. He spent two years as a draughtsman and in 1869 came to Ilkeston to work at the Boiler Works on Rutland Street. In 1874 he married Mary, the daughter of William Wetton, a hosiery manufacturer of Watnall.
Rev. Arthur Copley

Born in Nottingham on November 25th 1862, Arthur became Minister of the Queen Street Baptist Church at Ilkeston in 1898. Rev Copley was a ferocious advocate for the poor children of the town, and every year the chapel held a Christmas Day tea for them. His daughter Beatrice Lilian (d. 1956) was a fine musician. He was one of those presented to King George V and Queen Mary when they visited Ilkeston in June 1914.
Arthur lived on Lord Haddon Road, Ilkeston and is buried along with his wife and daughter in Park Cemetery, Ilkeston. He died in 1938.
George Daybell

Born at Morton near Southwell on December 15th 1851, the son of William and Ruth Naomi Daybell, he joined the Derbyshire Constabulary in 1877 and was promoted to Sergeant in 1884. He was an Inspector at Ilkeston from 1887 to 1892 and after spending time at Derby, returned to Ilkeston in 1894. He married in 1872 to Elizabeth Ann Maltby of Lambley, Nottinghamshire. In retirement, he was often seen recruiting for the armed forces during WW1 with his bulldog, ‘Chummy’.
Phillip Ellis, FRGS

He was born at Mansfield in 1838, the fourth son of John Ellis of Mansfield. He went to sea and during 8 years was said to have visited every corner of the world. In 1865 he sailed to Australia and spent the next 4 years at Swan River engaged in survey work. In 1881 he entered into a partnership with Edmund Tatham & Son, at their Kensington Works at Ilkeston. He was married to a daughter of George Jalland of Rolleston.
Edward Muirhead Evans

Born in London on January 19th 1849, he was educated at King’s College School London. At the University of Cambridge he gained a BA degree in Theology and 3 years later an MA. On May 1st 1887 he was instituted as the new Vicar of Ilkeston, a position he held until his death in 1907. In 1879 he married Sarah Louisa, the daughter of Rev. Charles Hill.
William Fletcher

He was born at Southwell on February 1st 1844, the son of George Fletcher. He commenced business in Ilkeston as a chemist in 1868. This business expanded to also include the manufacture and sale of wines and spirits from his shop on Bath Street, which remained a chemists until the 2000’s. William also served as a churchwarden from 1879-85.
William Frost

He was born at Bocking, Essex on June 3rd 1834, the son of Edward Frost. He trained as a teacher and became the first pupil teacher at Annott’s Endowed School in Lowestoft. In 1870 he was appointed as Head Master of the Boys’ National School in Ilkeston.
William Foster Goddard

He was born at Nottingham on June 15th 1860, the son of Frederick William Goddard. He was educated at Grantham Grammar School and came to live in Ilkeston in 1882. He married in 1886 to Frances Alice, the youngest daughter of Joseph Carrier of Ilkeston.
Charles Hiram Gregory

He was born at Nottingham on February 25th 1841, the son of Charles Gregory. At age 17 he went to sea as an apprentice on board a merchantman and for 16 years was trading to India, China and America. He married in New York in 1872 to Emma Jane, the daughter of Captain James Jackson. He came to Ilkeston in 1873 and took over the Old Wine Vaults on East Street, part of which was much later known as Captain Gregory’s.
Edwin Hall

He was born at Breaston, Derbyshire on August 4th 1844, the son of William Hall, a lacemaker. Following his father’s death, he lived with his uncle, George Holmes, a blacksmith of Trowell, Nottinghamshire and with whom he served an apprenticeship. In 1881 he became the landlord of the Sir John Warren Inn at Ilkeston and in 1882 married Hannah, the daughter of Benjamin Flinders of Ilkeston.
John Hancock

He was born at Hyson Green in Nottingham on April 10th 1832, the son of Samuel Hancock, builder of the first lace factory in Hyson Green and grandson of Thomas Hancock of Nottingham. He was apprenticed to and eventually became manager of Messrs JB Lewis & Sons whose works were moved from Nottingham to Ilkeston Junction in 1885.
Charles Haslam

He was born at West Hallam, Derbyshire on December 12th 1814, the son of John Haslam also of West Hallam. He came to Ilkeston in 1836 and commenced work as a Framesmith. Charles was also a Wesleyan preacher for over 50 years.
George Haslam

He was born at Mapperley, Derbyshire on May 27th 1841, the son of John Haslam of West Hallam. He was apprenticed to the building trade and took a great interest in architecture. In 1864 he married Sarah Ellen, the daughter of Edward Wright of Fritchley, Derbyshire.
William Hawkins

He was born at Hyson Green on December 26th 1829, the son of Samuel Hawkins. He was apprenticed to an ironfounder and in 1853 commenced business at Ilkeston. His extensive works, the Rutland Foundry, stood until the early 1980s at the junction of Albert Street and Queen Street, Ilkeston.
Arthur Ernest Hopkins

He was born at Uppingham on August 26th 1855, the son of William and Sylvia Elizabeth Hopkins. He studied law and came to Ilkeston in 1881, commencing business as a solicitor. In 1879 he married Elizabeth Ann, the daughter of John Dalby of Steyning.
Francis Darwin Huish

Born at Castle Donington on June 10th 1850, the son of Marcus Huish and his wife Frances Sarah, daughter of Sir Francis Sacheveral Darwin. He studied law and became a Solicitor in partnership with Francis G Robinson at Ilkeston until 1911 after which he practiced alone. He married in 1888 to Ellen, the daughter of William Hickson, a well known Derbyshire artist.
Frederick Chiltern Humphreys

He was born at Winchester on January 19th 1854, the son of W.C.Humphreys. In 1875 he became the assistant to Mr B Wilson of the Ilkeston Gas Company and later became engineer and manager to the Local Board. Following the founding of the Borough of Ilkeston in 1887 he continued in the same position.
Richard Hunt

He was born at Stanley Common on October 2nd 1859, the son of John and Ann Hunt. Elected to the Town Council in 1889, he served as Mayor of Ilkeston in 1900-1 and 1904-5. Richard Hunt was amongst those responsible for securing the gift of £7,500 from Andrew Carnegie for the erection of the Free Library.
Alfred Jackson

He was born at Northampton on September 18th 1849, the son of David Jackson. Following his mother’s death the family moved to Derby. In 1880 he was invited to become the minister of the Ilkeston Mission. In 1872 he married Mahala, daughter of Daniel Slater of Little Chester, Derby.
Sidney F. James

Born in Liverpool on September 13th 1869, the son of JE James, he was educated at Public Elementary Schools in Liverpool and went on to work at a leading firm of solicitors in that city. In 1911 he was appointed as the second Town Clerk of Ilkeston following the death of Mr Wright Lissett. He was married to Florence Gray, daughter of Mr J.E.Beer of Liverpool.
Stephen Keeling

He was born at Derby on July 26th 1826, the only son of Stephen Keeling. He commenced business at Ilkeston in 1859 as a grocer and draper. His second marriage was to Mary Ann, the daughter of Joseph and Ann Aldred of Ilkeston.
Henry James Kilford

He was born at Cranbourne, Dorset on December 30th 1859, the son of Henry Kilford, a builder. He came to Ilkeston in 1881 and was appointed Surveyor to the Local Board in 1884. He was married in 1883 to Mary Elizabeth, the daughter of William Hawkins of Bournemouth. Henry served as Borough Engineer for many years, leading the town’s Fire Brigade for some of them.
Wright Lissett

Wright Lissett was born at Manea, Cambridgeshire on July 3rd 1837, the son of John Lissett, a Farmer and Miller. He came to Ilkeston around 1862 and became Headmaster of the British School from 1863-73. He served as Clerk to the Local Board and became the first Town Clerk of the Borough of Ilkeston in 1887. Qualifying as a Barrister, he died after giving much service to the Town in 1911.
John Angus Macdonald

He was born at Tain, Rossshire, Scotland on December 27th 1872, the son of John Graham Macdonald. He was for 5 years the manager of the Midland Counties Bank at Ilkeston. He was elected to the Town Council in 1908. He married in 1902 to Gertrude, the daughter of Charles Wooliscroft of Ilkeston.
John was awarded a BEM by King George V, whom he welcomed to Ilkeston in 1914. He served on the Council right until 1952.
Charles Maltby

He was born at Nottingham on March 16th 1848, the son of Joseph Maltby. He came to Ilkeston in 1862 and married in 1871 to Eliza Ann, the daughter of JP Long of Ilkeston. His former residence, Dalby House, is now home to the Erewash Museum.
George Maltby

He was born at Nottingham on June 1st 1854, the second son of Joseph Maltby. He came to live in Ilkeston in 1868 and was engaged in the manufacture of lace at his factory at Hallam Mills, which stood on Little Hallam Lane until 2019. He was a member of the Ilkeston Local Board (predecessor of the Borough Council) in 1883 but resigned due to ill health. He married in 1878 to Lizzie Jane, daughter of William Sudbury of Oakwell Farm, Ilkeston.
William Merry

He was born at Derby on July 22nd 1834, the son of Thomas Merry, later of Ilkeston. He came to Ilkeston about the year 1847 and succeeded his father in business as a chemist. He married in 1860 to Elizabeth, the daughter of Francis Sudbury. Her brother Francis Sudbury became Ilkeston’s first Mayor in 1887.
Charles Mitchell
Born at Stamford on October 27th 1831, the son of Thomas and Susannah Mitchell. Being from a family of 14 children his early education was neglected but developed a habit of self reliance. He worked as an engine driver on the Midland Railway for 27 years and came to live at Hallam Fields in 1869, where he also followed the business as a grocer.
John Ormond

He was born in Staffordshire on December 24th 1873, the son of John and Elizabeth Ann Ormond. He was educated at Portsmouth Grammar School and though intended for a career in the Navy, chose the legal profession instead. He was articled to his uncle, A.E.Hopkins of Ilkeston, after which in 1895 commenced to practice as a solicitor in his own right in Ilkeston. He was married in 1900 to Annie, the daughter of Isiah Fisher of Ilkeston.
Charles Potts

He was born at Nottingham on April 18th 1842, the son of Richard Smith Potts. At an early age he went to sea and travelled to many corners of the world. In 1872 he commenced business as a chemist and grocer on Granby Street, Ilkeston and succeeded his father as Postmaster in 1877. In 1870 he married Amy, the daughter of William Henshaw of Cotmanhay.
Thomas Pounder

He was born at Shipley on February 16th 1869, the son of John and Harriett Pounder. Very much active in the trades union movement, he was elected in 1907 as a Labour member of the Town Council. He married in 1896 to Annie Elizabeth, daughter of David Tomlinson of Ilkeston.
Thomas Henry Richardson

He was born at Horsley, Derbyshire on July 21st 1869, the son of Thomas Richardson, a farmer and auctioneer. He commenced business as an auctioneer and valuer at Ilkeston and Derby in 1893. He was elected to the Town Council in 1898 and served as such until 1904.
Thomas Roe

He was born at Derby in 1839, the son of William and Sarah Roe. He was Governor of Ilkeston Hospital following its foundation in 1894, was a member of the Ilkeston School Board for seven years and its Chairman from 1890-93.
William Rose

He was born at Wirksworth on May 6th 1817, the son of William Rose. He was apprenticed to Matthew Hobson, a grocer and draper of the Market Place, Ilkeston in 1834. Between 1839 and 1843 he lived in Manchester after which he returned to Ilkeston. He was twice married, the second time to Mary Ann, the daughter of Paul Walker of Ilkeston, a Postmaster.
Joseph Scattergood

He was born at Stanton-by-Dale on February 25th 1834, the son of Richard Scattergood. In 1887 he was elected to the newly formed Town Council and was made an Alderman in 1907.
William Shakespeare

He was born at Belper, Derbyshire on December 7th 1858, the son of Reverend William Shakespeare. He was a newspaper proprietor and served as Mayor of Ilkeston 1908-9. He married twice, the first time to the daughter of Thomas Roe of Ilkeston and secondly to a daughter of Mr T.Bradley Lister of Nottingham.
Joseph Shorthose

He was born at Shipley, Derbyshire on March 16th 1846, the son of Robert Shorthose. From 1868 to 1877 he was cashier to the Rutland and Manners Colliery Companies. He was a collector of antiquities and curiosities of which he was said to have possessed a considerable collection.
Edwin Sutton

He was born at Leicester on September 10th 1854, the son of Robert Sutton, a timber merchant. He served an apprenticeship as a pawnbroker and outfitter with a Mr Henry Stowe of Leicester. He came to Ilkeston in 1875 and commenced business as a Clothier and Outfitter on Bath Street. In 1875 he married Julia, the daughter of Joseph Hull of Nottingham.
Josiah Sutton

He was born at Leicester on August 11th 1856, the son of Robert and Catherine Sutton. He came to Ilkeston in 1876 and commenced business as a pawnbroker and later as a tailor and clothier on Bath Street. He married in 1882 to Lucy, the daughter of John Moss and with whom, had three children – Ada, Robert Ernest and Horace Josiah.
William Tatham

He was born at Crich, Derbyshire on July 24th 1850, the son of Amos Tatham (died 1878) a lace and needle manufacturer. He learned to speak French while studying business in Paris from 1867 to 1870. He married in 1875 to Elizabeth Ann, the daughter of Joseph Carrier of Ilkeston.
Dr. John Joseph Tobin M.D.

He was born in Ireland, the son of James Tobin of Tipperary. He was educated in Ireland and in France where he studied at the University of Paris. He was Medical Officer of Health for the Town and married the only daughter of Herbert Tatham of Ilkeston.
Edwin Trueman

He was born at Cossall, Nottinghamshire on May 7th 1851, the son of James Trueman. The family moved to Ilkeston in 1858. After leaving school age 10, he followed the profession of compositor in the printing trade. Edwin Trueman later became Editor of the Ilkeston Pioneer newspaper and published several books including Portrait Gallery of Ilkestonians (1887) and History of Ilkeston (1889/99).
Gilbert Wilkinson

He was born at Belper, Derbyshire on January 7th 1850, the eldest son of Joseph Wilkinson, a pork butcher and native of Ilkeston. The family returned to Ilkeston in 1860. He also spent several years working in America.
Dr. Robert Wilkinson

He was born at Newcastle-on-Tyne in 1838, the son of a Joseph Wilkinson. He studied as a student at Neville’s Hall College of Medicine and Surgery at Durham University and was admitted a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London in 1869. He commenced practice at Ilkeston in 1875.
Reverend Charles Mollan Williams

He was born at Sevenoaks, Kent on April 2nd 1873, the son of Charles Williams of Chelmsford, Essex. In 1907 he was appointed to the position of Vicar of Ilkeston. One of his most notable achievements was the enlargement of St Mary’s Church in 1910, a project which increased the size of the building considerably. He married Violet, the daughter of Frederick Pash of Dulwich.
Alfred Burton Wood

He was born at Kettering, Northamptonshire on February 24th 1846, the son of John Wood, a Woollen Draper. He commenced business as a provision merchant in 1866 and was married in 1869 to Jane Taylor, the daughter of James Taylor, an optician of Nottingham.
Dr. Robert Wood

He was born at Uttoxeter on January 6th 1844, the son of Charles and Sarah Wood. His training was in the medical profession and he succeeded to the practice of Dr Dale of Ilkeston in 1868, later practicing from his house on the Lower Market Place (now part of the site of Lloyd’s Bank). From 1871 to 1881 he acted as Ilkeston’s Medical Officer of Health. He married in April 1872 to Elizabeth Ann, the daughter of William Ball of Ilkeston. Dr Wood was known for riding his white horse when visiting patients.
John Woolands

He was born at Horsley Woodhouse on January 24th 1844, the son of Thomas and Ann Woolands. He came to Ilkeston in 1868 and carried on the business of tailor and clothier for many years. He was appointed sub-postmaster of the newly opened Post Office on Bath Street in 1887. He was married in 1868 to Annie, the daughter of James Else of Denby, Derbyshire.

Rev. Arthur Copley in later life

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