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Doing research on a favourite topic isn’t just about dusty trade directories, microfilm and old photos. You might be surprised by who knows what about your pet project.

But you won’t find out unless everybody knows what just where your interests lie, so here’s you opportunity to tell the world.

Whether you’re following up a private interest or planning a book — your’e not alone!

50 Ilkeston Women

Ann Featherstone and Beverley Kilby are developing a history of Ilkeston (and district) women — those women that were the first or leaders in their field, who had am impact on local/national life or who were able to influence local people/life.

We have looked in the leaflet files at Ilkeston Library and have come up with some interesting women, but would like to know if there are any more out there that have not made it to the leaflet file.

We would like to hear about anyone you think may be of interest to others. You can reach us through the Contact page or come and see us at the Smoothie Bar on the last Saturday of the month.

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